Wilmington Duplex For Sale

Wilmington Duplex For Sale

Are you in the market for a unique investment opportunity? Look no further than the rare and highly sought-after Wilmington Duplex For Sale. This extraordinary package includes two single-family homes and two duplexes, totaling six units and an impressive 25 rooms. The properties, located at 718 Church, 720 Church, 905 Rankin A&B, and 708 Campbell Street A&B, offer an incredible chance to own legalized boarding houses in a prime location.

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One of the standout features of this package is the city’s official letters permitting the operation of “Rooming houses.”This significant documentation adds tremendous value to the properties and ensures a smooth transition for the new owner. With a high demand for affordable housing in the area, these houses have a substantial waitlist of potential tenants, including well-known companies like Trillium and Sec 8.

Wilmington Duplex For Sale

The versatility of these properties opens up a range of possibilities for interested buyers. In addition to their use as boarding houses, they could also be transformed into halfway houses, senior living facilities, or any other type of rental accommodation. It is worth noting that these alternative uses often command even higher rental rates per room, increasing the potential return on investment.

The Wilmington Duplex For Sale boasts several recent updates and improvements, making it an attractive prospect for buyers. The roofs of all the properties are less than six years old, providing peace of mind and minimizing maintenance costs. Additionally, the HVAC systems are all under warranty, ensuring efficient heating and cooling for the residents. The properties have also undergone renovations in recent years, including new floors and fresh paint, offering a modern and appealing living space for tenants. Furthermore, the windows have been upgraded, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing utility expenses.

For serious buyers, the opportunity to review the financials of these properties is available. With proof of funds, all relevant financial information can be provided, allowing potential investors to make an informed decision. The impressive monthly income of over $16,000 demonstrates the strong rental demand and the potential for significant returns on this investment.

In conclusion, the Wilmington Duplex For Sale offers a rare chance to acquire a legalized boarding house package in a highly desirable location. With its extensive room count, city-permitted operation, and attractive rental income, this investment opportunity is not to be missed. Whether you choose to continue operating as boarding houses or explore alternative uses such as halfway houses or senior living, the potential for profit is substantial. With recent updates and renovations, along with warranties on HVAC systems, this package presents a turnkey investment option. Don’t hesitate to secure this unique opportunity; contact the listing agent today for more information and to arrange a viewing.

905 Rankin Street, Wilmington, NC 28401